Corona hit everyone hard. Many businesses are simply no longer there, others continue to struggle to survive. The additional costs of creating your own website and maintaining it afterwards are more like difficult these days. With QR-SPOT I would like to offer you a platform that enables you to remain present on the Internet. In addition, each member receives a QR CODE as a graphic.

This graphic contains a direct online connection for your information about your business – or also to your existing website! With this graphic you can individually design your further advertising measures, for example as a poster in your shop window or as additional information on your business card, menu and flyer! 

Become a Member

Becoming a member is very easy. Fill out our form and write a little about yourself and the nature of your business. In which country, city do you live and how long your business has been in existence. Don't worry, if something is missing then I'll help you ...

Become a SpotHunter

You live in a region and know a lot of business people. Or do you travel a lot and may have to deal with a lot of business people? Then these are good prerequisites for becoming a SpotHunter. Write to us and tell us who you are ...

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